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ISNMDND Verizon Cell Phone Signal Booster 4G LTE 700Mhz Band 13 Cell Signal Booster Verizon Mobile Phone Amplifier Repeater with Indoor Whip+Outdoor Omni Antennas for Home Use

Price: $129.99
(as of Oct 18,2020 20:35:42 UTC – Details)

1.Before order, please kindly make sure your cell signal frequency is Verizon 700MHz 4G Lte in your area. This cell signal booster can only make the weak signal stronger, it can’t create signal,so Your mobile phone should receive 2-3 bars of stable signal in the location where the outdoor antenna is fixed in.
Operation Frequency:Band 13
Emission Designator:LTE(G7D)
AGC LEVEL:Uplink:-45.00 Downlink:-56.00
Max.Antenna Gain:Uplink:8.1dBi Downlink:6.6dBi
Power Supply:DC 5V from adapter
FCC Classification:B2W/Wideband Consumer Booster(CMRS)

1 *cell phone signal Booster
1 * Power Adapter
1 * Mounting Screw Kit
1 * English User Manual
1 * Indoor Suction Cup Antenna
1 * Outdoor panel Antenna with 50 feet coaxial cable

FCC authentication certificate
30 days Money -Back Guarantee
One Year Manufacturer Warranty

The outdoor antenna can pick up good mobile signal from signal tower, and send the signal through coaxial cable to the booster, the cell phone signal booster can amplify the signal, then the amplified signal is sent to the indoor antenna, the indoor antenna can transmit the signal into your house

Installation Guide:
1.Tightly connect the 50ft coaxial cable to the Outdoor Panel Antenna
2.Check and find a place where your cell phone can receive the best signal outside your house,then mount the Outdoor Panel Antenna.
3.Mount the signal booster device somewhere inside the house,the signal booster should be mounted in a place where is near from the power socket,and have good ventilation.
4.Tightly connect the 50 feet coaxial cable to the OUTDOOR port of the repeater
5.Tightly connect Indoor Suction Cup Antenna and the INDOOR port of the repeater.

Much faster high-speed 4G LTE internet. Perfect for people needing fast uploads and downloads for streaming apps such as Google Chrome, Safari, YouTube, Netflix, Pandora, Spotify, and other data-heavy apps.
Verizon Signal Booster supports voice and 4G data for 4G/LTE mobile phones, including IOS , Android, Windows Phone Systems, etc. The cell phone booster could reduces dropped calls and improves the voice quality in your house, Keep the distance between the outdoor antenna and indoor antenna should be above 22ft.
The cell phone signal booster repeater is used for Village,Garage,Basement,Home,Office , hotel, apartment and so on. The mobile phone signal booster could cover up to 1500-2000 sq.ft in open space without obstacle. For Multiple Devices and Users, solve your poor mobile signal issues, Enjoy your life!
FCC authentication certificate, 30-day money-back guarantee ,One Year Manufacturer Warranty ,All parts included in the package, Perfect Antennas kit, Very easy to install.

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